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What YOU will receive:

Digital file: Digital file 4x5 (1.jpg)

Print files: (optional) no price difference

If print files are needed YOU will also receive: front print (1.jpg), back print (1.jpg), back digital 5x5 (1.jpg). Front and Back of flyer will contain exactly the same information and images you provide. Front will be “Vertical” and back will be “Horizontal” (Same design: text and images).

Dimensions: YOU will be able to choose Print dimensions after payment. Example sizes: 4x6 / 5x7 / etc - Resolution set to 300DPI

What are “Add People” Flyers:

If YOU wish to add people by giving each person their own flyer. Look at picture for example.

Add People consist of (Example: +Picture, +Name: Kiss Daniel, and +Title: Hosted by / Bday Celebration / Special Guest / Music by / etc). YOU will submit these people: (Picture, Name, and Title [for each person]). Please DO NOT add these people (picture, name, or title) in Form after this page. You will receive an email after Submitting Requirements (form submission). Once you receive email from us then reply with (Picture, Name, and Title [for each person]). Please upload each person in order of Title and names you provide (for accuracy).

Please select the number of people you wish to have below $10 per person

After payment is made you will return to a page to submit all information + images for your project! You also will give the designer some notes on how you want your design to appear such as ideas, colors, provide sketches/drawing, etc you wish to use for your project.

Please allow 24-48 business hours to complete your design. You will receive final design by email within that time frame. If any edits/revisions are needed communication will continue by email which you will receive after Submitting Requirements (form submission).

Flyer .PSD files are NO LONGER FOR SALE at this Time! we will update if there are any changes.

If YOU need Revisions: see Service Fees. A Service Fee applies to any revision needed after “1st Free edit”.

(1st free edit only consist of resizing/moving text and images in another location of design).

(1st free edit does not consist of: editing, adding, removing (images, text, or ideas). 

All Revisions turnaround times for this service is 24-48business hours.

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